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How do I verify my account for real money betting?

Once you have signed up for an account on and logged in, you can go to to start the process. Please note you must be located in a country where we allow real money betting, that you have a valid street address and identification in that country, and that you meet the minimum age requirement (in most regions this will be 18 years or older).

If we cannot verify your details automatically then you will be asked to submit additional documentation to prove your name, age, street address and country are valid. Documents and ID we accept will be shown on the upload screen.

While your verification is being processed manually you may still deposit (up to 3000 EUR or USD depending on region) and bet as normal, but withdrawals will be on hold until the process is complete. You must also complete your verification within 90 days, after that point the account will be limited or put on hold.

If you have any questions about verifying your account please let us know:

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