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How do I withdraw UKG from my Unikrn Wallet?

To withdraw UKG from your Unikrn Wallet, log into your Unikrn account, go to the wallet page (, and then click on the Withdraw button. On the withdraw page you will need to provide the Ethereum wallet address where you want to send the UKG to (This can also be the deposit address of another Unikrn user). To continue you must tick the box to confirm that you are sure the address entered is correct, and you understand the risk of transferring UKG to a wallet address you do not have control of, should that be the case. Click Confirm to continue.

On the next page you will need to enter your Unikrn account password and the amount of UKG you wish to send. Please note there may be a small fee taken from the amount you specified to withdraw as a transfer fee (currently 1 UKG). When those fields are verified correct and you click Continue again, you will be asked to enter your wallet Packing Key as a final security check. Once that is confirmed your UKG will be sent to destination. Transfers may take a few minutes or more depending on network load on the Ethereum blockchain.

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