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Where did my UKG go?

There are a few possibilities:

1: If you had deposited in another cryptocurrency and were betting with a UKG balance, your balance has been converted to its equivalent value in fiat for your convenience. 

2: If you have a betting-eligible account and you had platform-locked UKG bonuses, those bonuses have been converted to bonus bet tokens with the equivalent value. Those tokens are subject to Unikrn’s normal bonus bet terms and conditions.

3: If you deposited your own UKG into your gaming or holding wallet on Unikrn, it is still there! You need to withdraw it to a private wallet immediately and wait for the SEC’s guidance. Unikrn support will no longer service requests about UKG after today’s retirement.

4: If you had platform-locked earned UKG from Unikrn Connekt that was beyond its use date (14 days or older), it expired per the normal terms. Platform-locked UKG in betting-ineligible accounts has also expired. 

To be clear, none of your personal UKG was taken by Unikrn, Unikrn just retired all UnikoinGold tokens which were earned for free on Unikrn and subject to terms and conditions.

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