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Redeeming / using Bonuses

Bonuses display in the upper-right corner of the Unikrn window and can be viewed by clicking on the drop down menu and then selecting “Additional Funds”. 

The blue “B” bonus indicator icon will show the number of bonuses currently available to you. A green CLAIM icon indicates that you have bonuses pending claim.

Additional steps may be required to claim some bonuses. Once you click CLAIM, follow the on-screen directions to claim eligible bonuses.

(Completing additional steps to claim bonus)

Once claimed, bonuses will be shown in the Additional Funds dropdown.

(Bonus tokens shown in the Additional Funds dropdown)

Bonuses in your funds are available for play on eligible games by selecting the blue “B” Bonus indicator in the upper left corner of that game tile.

Selecting the blue B icon on an eligible game will provide a list of eligible bonuses for that game.

Some games or game types may be ineligible for bonuses. 

The screenshots provided are for example purposes only. For more information about bonuses, bonus rules or eligible games, please refer to

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