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How does Moneymatch work?

Moneymatch is Unikrn's very own social gaming platform. Moneymatch acts as a secure, unbiased arbiter for players and groups to compete one-on-one or team challenges for cash. Challenge friends, rivals or strangers to epic games in the world’s most popular competitive video games, all online.

Getting started is as easy as signing up, and taking a look around at the variety of games offered on the platform. Then once you select the Game Lobby in which you’d like to compete, link your game account and you’ll be able to join a matchmaking lobby. You can also create your own private or public lobbies.

Once the lobby is full, the entry fee money will be withdrawn from each player's stake and the combined prize pool will be held securely by Unikrn. Players can communicate through the match lobby chat or secretly as a team in the team lobby chat as they set up their game and prepare to face off!

After the match is completed, you, your team and your opponent(s) will report the outcome of the match. Once the score is verified, the winnings are distributed amongst the winning players and automatically be credited with the winnings!

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