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Using Unikrn Esportsbook - PUBG

PUBG or Player Unknown Battlegrounds, is a online multiplayer, 100 player free for all where the last player standing is the victor. In this battle royale game, players land on a massive island playfield unarmed and unequiped, and must procure guns and items to help them survive. As the match progresses the space players can remain active in shrinks, forcing the survivors into increasingly smaller areas, making confrontations an inevitable outcome.

Bets you can place:

Head to Head - Bet on the team who you think will win the Game. Games may be a single Match, or will be the best of several Matches (Best of 3, Best of 5, etc.)

Map Winner - Bet on which team or individual you think will win a specific Match (aka. Map).

You can bet on PUBG here!

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