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Using Unikrn Esportsbook - DragonBall FighterZ

DragonBall FighterZ (DBFZ) is a fighting game created by Arc System Works based on the Dragon Ball series originally created by Akira Toriyama. DragonBall FighterZ is classified as a 2.5D fighter as it blends elements of computer graphics with traditional 2D art, and fighters that move strictly along a 2D plane. The game consists of a player choosing three characters from a roster to battle against the opponent's trio. A player wins by defeating all three of the opponent's characters. During gameplay players can switch out their characters freely to adjust to the situation, or to "call" them into battle temporarily to assist with supporting attacks. 

Bets you can place:

Head to Head - Bet on the team who you think will win the Game. Games may be a single Match, or will be the best of several Matches (Best of 3, Best of 5, etc.)

Outright - Bet on the overall winner of an entire tournament.

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