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Using Unikrn Esportsbook - Smash Bros

Smash Brothers is a fighting game developed by Nintendo. It can range from 1 - 8 players with various match rules and scenarios. The game involves fighters from different past and present Nintendo franchises like Super Mario Bros, Bayonetta, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Fire Emblem and Kirby,  just to name a few. Unlike traditional fighting games, the goal is to smash your opponent off screen or make them fall off of a ledge structure of the stage. This can be accomplished with a characters move set, various weapons randomly appearing and with a super move unique to each character.

In competitive circles matches involve no outside weaponry and are strictly 1 vs 1. 

Bets you can place:

Head to Head - Bet on the team who you think will win the Game. Games may be a single Match, or will be the best of several Matches (Best of 3, Best of 5, etc.)

Outright - Bet on the overall winner of an entire tournament or competition.


You can bet on Smash Bros here!

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