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Using Unikrn Esportsbook - Street Fighter V

Street Fighter is a video game fighting series created by Capcom back in 1987. Street Fighter V or Street Fighter 5 is the latest fighting game in the series and has made a name for itself in tournaments and competitive online play, worldwide. The game consists of a player choosing a character from among many fighters of diverse backgrounds and play-styles to battle against their opponent. The player to deplete the lifebar of their opponent wins the round, and most matches are played in a best of 3 format.

In competitions it is 1 vs 1 and in highly competitive environments the 1v1 consists as part of complex tournaments. 

Bets you can place:

Head to Head - Bet on the team who you think will win the Game. Games may be a single Match, or will be the best of several Matches (Best of 3, Best of 5, etc.)

Outright - Bet on the overall winner of an entire tournament.

You can bet on Street Fighter V here!

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