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What are 'exotic' markets and how do I place a bet on one?

Exotic markets are betting markets that are specific to a match and usually rely on certain conditions to be met within the match itself coming to pass, beyond whichever team wins the match overall. Some common exotic markets are:

  • Handicap results
  • Total number of rounds / maps
  • First round / map winner
  • First point / kill / score of the game

An exotic market can be almost any condition, as long as it can be a predefined result, and those available for a match can be found on the game details page (the "View More" buttons on the sportsbook will take you there). Placing a bet on an exotic works the same way as betting on the regular Head to Head markets, simply add it to your betslip and place your desired wager amount on it.

If you are unsure about what a specific exotic market is feel free to contact us for more info:

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