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  1. Money Betting

    1. How do I withdraw money and to where?
    2. How do I verify my account for real money betting?
    3. How do I deposit money into my account?
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  2. Jackpots

    1. Is there a maximum number of jackpots I can enter?
    2. What if I don’t have a Steam account?
    3. How do I find my Steam Trade URL?
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  3. Connekt

    1. How do I Connekt Fortnite when I play on Consoles?
    2. How do I increase my Connekt level?
    3. How can I link a different game account to Connekt?
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  4. Pinion

    1. Auto Update Your Pinion Plugin
    2. 2014 Changes
    3. Pinion Adverts - Frequently Asked Questions
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  5. UnikoinGold

    1. How can I trade in CS:GO and Dota 2 Skins for UKG?
    2. What if UKG does not show up in my Unikrn Wallet?
    3. Why are you giving away UKG if I am paying for mine?
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  6. UnikoinSilver

    1. How can I obtain/earn UnikoinSilver?
    2. Can UKS be converted into other currencies?
    3. What is Unikoin Silver?
  7. Betting

    1. What is a multibet and how do I make one?
    2. Dota 2 betting
    3. What are 'exotic' markets and how do I place a bet on one?
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  8. Unikrn Accounts

    1. How do I redeem a bonus code?
    2. How do I suspend my account or put it on hold?
    3. What do you do with my private information?
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  9. Unikrn Wallets

    1. The difference between the Holding Wallet and Gaming Wallet
    2. Why is my withdrawable balance lower than my total balance?
    3. Where can I find my UKG deposit address?
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  10. UMode Betting

    1. Are there special promotions for UMode?
    2. Why is my bet being refunded?
    3. Can I play UMode for free?
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  11. Unikrn Virtual

    1. What is Unikrn Virtual?
    2. Do I need to be signed in to watch Unikrn Virtual?
    3. The game is running and I can see the odds, but I can’t bet.
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  12. Streamer Betting

    1. Why Markets Suspend or Close:
    2. The game is running and I can see the odds, but I can’t bet.
    3. How do I know if I am in a regulator-approved region?
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