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Pinion Adverts - Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter where my server is?
No – Your server can be anywhere in the world even non-guaranteed regions. Adverts are sent to clients based on their location.

How often do impression counts update?
The data in Control Panel updates every 4 hours.

How do I add my server to the 'servers' tab?
Servers appear automatically if the Pinion plugin is loaded once impressions are generated and control panel updates.

What’s the difference between a guaranteed regions (Tier 1) and others? 
We guarantee to fill the impressions given the opportunity to, this means if we have an ad and it completes we will pay you $3.00 CPM. Likewise if you give us an impression and we don’t have an advert we will pay you for it regardless.

What’s the difference between a Tier 2 regions and rest of world? 
We purchase impressions from tier 2 regions on a per-fill and complete basis, this means if an advert loads and completes we pay you the $3 CPM. Rest of world we purchase at $2.20 CPM for all impressions that fill and complete.

What are the current guaranteed (Tier 1) regions? 

- United Kingdom
- Australia

What are the Tier 2 regions?

- Austria
- Belgium
- Canada
- Denmark
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- New Zealand
- Norway

My country isn’t a guaranteed region can I still run Pinion?
Absolutely, all regions are welcome, if we have an ad to serve we will. Provided the impression completes we will purchase it from you.

If I refresh my MOTD I get the no ad / community URL page what gives?
To protect the player experience we ensure each player can receive only one ad within a period of minutes.

I need help, where can I get it?
Email any time and we will help you.

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