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Pinion Adverts - Advanced Sourcemod Configuration

The Pinion plugin by default comes with a pre-configured 'pinion_adverts.cfg' configuration file, these defaults are our recommended values however each community is different and you have the option of adjusting most of the values.

Admin Immunity:

This setting allows you to bypass the duration timer for anyone with an ADMFLAG_RESERVATION flag.

sm_motdredirect_immunity_enable - A value of 0 disables and 1 to enable.


MOTD Review: 

Depending on map type and round settings, certain game modes in Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2 have extremely long round times, which means the amount of impressions generated is reduced. This variable allows you to spawn additional MOTDs to be opened automatically by the plugin.

sm_motdredirect_review -  0 is disabled 1 is enabled.

sm_motdredirect_review_time - The amount of time passes before the plugin will open a MOTD at the next round event. A minimum of 20 minutes must pass. Default is "30" which represents 30 minutes.

sm_motdredirect_tf2_review_event - This value determines if to spawn the additonal MOTD after the review time has passed at round start or round end. 1 is round start, 2 end of round - Team Fortress 2 Only


Recommended CVARs:

These are recommended server settings which should optimize gameplay and improve player experience. You can place these Cvars in your server.cfg file or sourcemod.cfg file located in the /cfg/sourcemod/ directory.

Waiting for Players Time - Depending on user hardware configuration after map change users with lower spec machines may miss out on setup time or the first round, you can adjust the waiting for players time before the round begins. By default this value is set to 30. Please note, this is a locked cvar so it must be overwritten by using the sm_cvar command.

sm_cvar mp_waitingforplayers_time - We recommend setting this value between 45 - 60 seconds, after this time passes the round will start and gameplay resume as normal.

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